Bungalows front on view

The Khao Sok Experience tour is a great addition to your adventure here in Thailand.  The tour is designed to give you one of the most amazing experiences on your travels. The Khao Sok Experience is a short tour package which is all inclusive and will take care of all your transfers, accommodation and bookings. It’s a group thing, so you will have other like minded travellers to enjoy this tropical paradise with.

Khao Sok National Park is the oldest evergreen rainforest in the world.  From cave exploring, kayaking to cliff adventure, we aim to give you an experience you will never forget!  Anyone coming here for their annual vacation or those of you travelling for a longer period, the Khao Sok Experience is the ideal way to take part in some once in a lifetime activities in a location which, is amongst some of the most beautiful the world has to offer. Staying the night in a Bamboo Bungalow built on the water just sets the scene for the rest of your stay with us. Khao Sok is a national treasure here in Thailand and the Thai people want you to share this with you.



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