Ultimate relaxing Khao Sok Experience

The most relaxing place I have ever found!

The most relaxing place I have ever found!!!

I had taken a gap
year, doing the usual round the world backpacker trip, so my first stop was
Thailand. Unsure on what to do and where to go, i was recommended to go Khao
Sok National Park. It was described to me as an untouched, fasinating place
that should definitely be visited. Only when I arrived
I realized how special this place was, the massive lake was
peacefully still surrounded by huge limestone cliffs that hugged the lake. I
couldn’t believe how beautiful it was, especially considering that last week I
was suck in my uni hall revising for chemistry. I arrived at my bamboo
bungalow, which floated delicately on the lake. I got settled in and I
then spent the afternoon relaxing on my tube in the lake taking in the magical
surroundings. The next morning I woke early and before setting off back into
the ‘real world’, I bathed in the refreshing lake. I cant think of any other
more amazing way to start your day! Since my first trip I have been back twice,
having three very different, unique experiences! I would highly recommend this
trip for anyone who has time, everyone needs to experience something as
inspiring as this

Mel Stacey – 04/02/2013

I found a hidden backpacker gem… 

SSSSHH! Don’t tell the Full Moon Party Crowd!

DSC_0251Despite the mouth watering beauty of the Thai islands, I was becoming restless of being a beach bum. I didn’t want to head back to the hustle and bustle of Bangkok just yet. I wanted something different. On the boat on the way back to Surat Thani, I met a friendly hippie called Jake who told me of a secret, idyllic place just an hour away from the Surat Thani pier. Although hoards and hoards of travellers flock to the likes of Koh Phangan and Koh Tao for Full Moon Party and diving (in that order) many of them seem to miss out on one of the most underrated places in Thailand.

So I shall share the secret that Jake told me… whatever you do, don’t miss Khao Sok National Park; a jurassic land where tigers, elephants and exotic creatures roam wild in the jungle and the largest flower in the world, the rafflesia, grows. On Jake’s recommendation, I decided there and then that I had to see this place and caught a bus after getting off the boat. It was one of those spontaneous decisions when backpacking that I did not regret for one second.

For the next few days, we relaxed in beautiful floating bungalows on the incredible Ratchaprapa Dam and awoke to birds singing and amazing scenery of limestone karsts jutting out of tranquil water. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. We swam in the cool water and gorged ourselves on amazing Thai food as we watched the sun set over the surrounding jagged mountains. As well as relaxing, relaxing and more relaxing, we managed to cram in some bamboo rafting, kayaking, tubing, exploring caves and in our last few days, we hired a motorbike to discover more of the national park. The place is truly spectacular and one of the most unspoiled places I visited in Thailand. For anyone looking for a change of scenery and a break from the banana pancake trail – I would highly recommend Khao Sok National Park!

 Jessica Stone – 17/05/2013

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