The Experience

Whilst crossing from coast to coast raftingon your way to Southern Thailand, why not pay a visit to a real gem. Khao Sok is truly a spectacular region of Thailand with ancient rainforest untouched for thousands of years. It is the home of some of the most amazing plants and animals our world has to offer. Khao Sok provides a unique experience where you can relax, unwind & explore a pure paradise which, will live in your memories forever. Throughout your stay, you are surrounded by beautiful limestone cliffs and a crystal clear lake. Whether it’s floating on a tube or relaxing on your water bungalow, you will see Thailand in all it’s tropical glory. With Kayaks available throughout your stay, you can meander through Khao Sok at your own pace with a cold beer, book and sunshine making your vacation everything you hoped it would be. Our programme of activities will give you a real variety and you will not be disappointed. Khao Sok National Park is still largely undiscovered by the tourist and we are delighted to make this wonderful experience a reality for those of you who want to discover the real Thailand.


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